Miami is certainly very exciting place and exploring it is more fun and thrill. This city always has something going on from art to sports and back to back events are held up by taking look at Miami happenings. The nightlife and the buzzing streets catch attention. From art galleries to waters the city is inspiring everyone from writers to swimmers.

Lets highlight some of the basic Events in Miami and enjoy them with excitement and thrill.

Art and Deco festival: The Miami Design Preservation League community always organizes an art and deco festival in which film series, music, food, theater, dance, colorful welcome parade and guided tours are conducted.

There is also another interesting event held in January month which brings the bowl championship Series in Miami where hosts of Orange bowl events are held up at the BCS FedEx.

ING Miami Marathon is another event in which runners all over the world are invited to Miami in January. The running stretch is 26.2 mile which is being conducted in vicinity of the Bayfront Park and American Airlines area. You can also enjoy the short track run of 13.1 mile half-marathon.

You can see the colors all over the streets in the month of June on 4th and 5th each year when the Bahamian culture comes to the streets of Coconut Groove. Month of June has to offer something more special with summer fruit festival on 11th and 12th. This is one of the great crowd puller Events in Miami as it showcases agriculture and various tropical fruit plants. You will see local wines, unusual fruit samplings and fruits too.

Boat Show at South Florida is very popular and takes place each time at the Beach Convention area in Miami. This show conducts the manufacturing products by great companies and displays the watercrafts, charters, boats and holds seminars on various water devices. Well in the month of July many Events in Miami take place and International Mango festival is one such awaited event. In this event there are many mango tree sales, growing lectures on mangoes, mango cookery shows and many exciting activities straight from the Tropical Mango Gardens.

When you are in Miami events have no end and there is always something coming up with the Baseball event at the Dolphin Stadium. The Congress Salsa in Miami takes place annually on Miami Beach each year which has 5 amazing performances, workshops offering the best and unique salsa entertainment. There is yet another mount watering event in Miami called the Miami Spice month Restaurant which is take care by the Miami Convention and Visitor's Bureau offering fabulous meals at very reasonable price.

This makes it ideal event for travelers to enjoy the Miami delicacies. The Halloween festival in Miami is spectacular when people of all ages participate in extravagant colorful costumes and keep it on display. The MetroBoo is another exciting Event in Miami for kids to retreat themselves with various types of animals.